The Necessary Darkness
Have you ever been through a dark night of the soul? A time when there seems to be no voice from God [more]
The Rev Blogcast: Two Thoughts, One Episode
Episode 14 Anchor - The Rev Listen to Anchor audio from The Rev: The Rev "blogcast." Fres [more]
Do You Understand Me?
One of our deepest desires is to be understood. Each of us desperately want other people to hear wha [more]
The Rev Blogcast: It’s The Same
Episode 13   [more]
Acta Non Verba
Every time there is shooting we hear the following phrase, “thoughts and prayers.” Every time th [more]
It’s The Same
It’s a Sunday morning and the road is winding and the sun is sparkling. The trees are glistening w [more]
The Rev Blogcast: Who Do You Represent?
Episode 12   [more]
Who Do You Represent?
Very few of us truly live in obscurity. Most likely if you are reading this you are a person who is [more]